Carton Live Storage Racks

Main Features of Carton Live Storage Racks

Carton Live Storage is made up of inclined roller tracks, which guarantee optimal storage and retrieval of goods as well as perfect product rotation. The goods are fed in at the higher end of the lane and slide down gently by the force of gravity towards the pick face and the exit aisle at the other end. The need to intervene in stock replenishment is completely eliminated and order preparation speed is increased. To further enhance picking performance, pick-to-light devices managed by Easy WMS software can be incorporated.

Carton flow racks are designed for areas in the warehouse with large picking volumes as they increase the quantity of immediately accessible goods and minimise the distance that order pickers need to travel to prepare each order.


  • Automatic stock replenishment
  • FIFO System (first box in is first box out) giving perfect turnover
  • Higher number of SKUs at the front of the racking
  • Time taken to prepare orders reduced
  • Higher capacity and better use of space