Mezzanine Floors

A Mezzanine Floor is the most cost effective way to increase warehouse space by going up rather than outwards.

Quality, functional mezzanine floors at competitive prices

We supply Hi-Level Mezzanine Floors, a leading provider of quality mezzanine floors. We help you achieve that extra space your business needs, without the expense and inconvenience of relocating.

We have been designing and installing mezzanine floors for over 25 years. Our projects range from small, single storey floors right through to large, complex multi-tiered installations.

Our mezzanine floors are of the highest quality in the industry, incorporating unique design features as standard. Furthermore, they are consistently more competitively priced than lesser quality installations thanks to the accuracy and efficiency of our computerised mezzanine floor production system iQD.

We provide a complete service, from initial quotation through to all stages of mezzanine floor production: including design, building regulations approval, manufacture and installation.

We work closely with all our clients to find out exactly what they need from a mezzanine and how
it can be best delivered to make the most use of the space available.

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