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Tuff Rack Boltless Shelving

Tuff Rack Boltless shelving is a versatile combination rack constructed without nuts & bolts.

Thanks to the unique fastening system construction is very easy and quick.

Package contains 5 shelves each with support beams that are inserted under each shelf.

The shelves are made from raw chipboard.

Highly stable metal structure is made of steel.

The range of application is very broad, applications in households (garages, basements, study, workshops, studios), in companies (workshops, warehouses, archives, stores) and offices (archives, warehouses, office supplies).

Quantity discounts on 3-4 bays - 5-9 bays & 10+ bays

    1800mm high
    900mm / 1200mm wide
    450mm / 600mm deep
    Load capacity per shelf is 200kg (600mm deep) 275kg (450mm deep) UDL.
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